Eliot LeBow


Eliot LeBow is a Diabetes Focused Psychotherapist, who has lived with Type 1 Diabetes for over 38 years. Giving him great insight from both sides of the couch. Eliot’s practice in New York City called DiabeticTalks is more than just a private psychotherapy practice. DiabeticTalks includes an online platform that provides emotional self-help to over 45,000 followers with diabetes and growing. The Social Platform includes: his website www.diabeticTalks.com, a Facebook page called “The Diabetic Diary,” a Twitter Page @DiabeticTalks, a YouTube page and many other venues online.

Diabetes-Focused Psychotherapy takes a holistic approach combining traditional talk therapy with diabetes education and diabetes management help. It addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of living life with diabetes while still addressing other non-diabetes related life problems to create a unique holistic approach to help people with diabetes thrive.

Eliot LeBow has presented on the importance of talk therapy for individuals living with diabetes and how diabetes impacts mental health at multiple conferences including an autoimmune panel held at the 91st Y in NYC, parenting panels at the JDRF, 2 presentations at the Joslin diabetes center, 2014 conference on diabetes centers of excellence, 90 Minute Break Out sessions at AADE12, AADE13, AADE15 and many more.  At AADE13, Mr. LeBow was highlighted as one of the top five presenters, in the AADE newsletter.

Mr. LeBow is a founding member of the ADA Expert Panel at sharecare.com. He has contributed as an expert on cognition and diabetes for several articles in print and online. He is the author of “DiabeticMinds,” a blog on various aspects of diabetes life. Presently he is a columnist for endocrine today magazine and continues to speak at various events.

His practice helps clients of all ages and their families manage life with diabetes and the many diverse cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues that come with both Type I and Type II diabetes.

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